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Black bas​s

Black Bass
We will help you with bass fishing.
We guide guides for Lake Nojiri and bus fishing in the neighborhood.
Things that I do not know easily, I will go along with you to guide points, and of course also adjust the gears according to the location.
In the case of
1 day guide · · · 12,000 yen


Another addition to skiing and snowboarding, We added fish fishing in Nojiri Lake to the winter menu.
Covered with a stove, a comfortable fishing boat, and after cooking it will also cook in the lodge.
In the case of
As ship reservation is necessary, please contact us in advance.


lake in Madarao Kogen is a mysterious Yamanakako that became a model of Higashiyama Kaii's painting, and can relax and take a leisurely bus fishing.
There are also nice service such as arranging a boat and preparation of rice balls.


"Enjoy fishing "
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