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Snow Season

Madarao is proud of the natural "powder snow" that you can enjoy from December to March. We introduce the attraction and fields of 'Horse ski', 'snow board' and 'snowshoe' representing Hokushin. There are accommodation facilities with "plan" such as skiing and snowshoeing, so let's enjoy snow sports altogether with Madarao!

​Powder snow & tree run

The slopes to be developed on the north slope of Mt. Madarao at an altitude of 1382 m are equipped with courses to choose from level from beginner to advanced. Particularly popular are non-pressure snow courses that can fully enjoy the abundant snow which will be more than 4 m of snow every year.

The "Tree Run Course" which can slide through the natural forest is 10 courses in all, most of the open burn at the top of the slopes are non-squeezed, so you can enjoy the powder snow of Fukafuka in high season. There are also many fans with open view from the top of the slopes, and on the day of fine weather you can also hop the horizontal line of the Sea of Japan.

Ski & board lesson

We will teach with a team of professional lesson teams. Although improving skiing skills is of course better, I would like children to learn also about making friends and slopes manners in the pleasure of improving.
While using "Kids Park", we are waiting for the coming of everyone with the theme "To make ski a fun game."

Backcountry ski

The POWDER of the Madarao field creates the best POWDER zone at the time of snowfall by overlapping topographies and geographical conditions blessed with a lot of peaks and valleys, with the skirts spreading on the northern slope, the circle hill forming a long footpath. There are plenty of POWDER 's tree run course in the Madarao Ski Area, which is a popular ski resort for many non - snow fans, but I think that in the backcountry of Madarao Kogen, you can also experience the most unexperienced zone .

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